Councillors/Register of Interests

Town Council

Tenby Town Council is the first tier of local government and is a statutory body. It acts as a face for its residents and its role is varied and extensive. Tenby is divided into two electoral wards, North and South, with six town councillors representing the North Ward and seven the South. However, above all, Tenby town councillors are there to act on behalf of all the residents of the town and must abide by the National Code of Conduct at all times.

Cllr. Mrs. Sue Lane 

Address: 5 Acorn Heights, Greenhill Road, Tenby

Contact Number: 01834 845680

No political affiliation | South Ward

Cllr. Paul Rapi

Address: 1 Upper Frog Street, Tenby SA70 7JD

No political affiliation | North Ward

Cllr. Laurence Blackhall

Address: 18 The Maudlins, Tenby

No political affiliation | South Ward

Cllr. Mrs. Christine Brown

Address: Hazelmere, Warren Street, Tenby

Contact Number: 01834 845592

No political affiliation | South Ward

Cllr Michael ‘Mike’ Evans

Address: Trem-byr, Four Winds Lane, Penally

Contact Number: 01834 842546 | 07971 236 462

Independant | South Ward

(Also represents the South Ward on Pembrokeshire County Council)

Cllr. Mrs. Tish Rossiter

Address: 102 Upper Hill Park, Tenby SA70 8JG

Contact Number: 01834 849116

No political affiliation | North Ward

Cllr. Trevor Hallett

Address: 1 Cogmill Cottage, 22 The Green, Tenby

Contact Number: 01834 842759

No political affiliation | North Ward

Cllr. Mrs Samantha Skyrme-Blackhall – Mayor

Address: 18 The Maudlins, Tenby

No political affiliation | North Ward

(Uncontested election December 2017)

Cllr. Mrs. Tracey Evans

Address: 35 Newell Hill, Tenby

No political affiliation | North Ward

(Co-opted 30th October 2018)

Cllr. Matt Ronowitz

Address: White Leaf House, Penally, Tenby

No political affiliation | South Ward

(Co-opted 9th July 2019)

Cllr. Dai Morgan

Address: 36 The Clicketts, Tenby

No political affiliation | South Ward

(Co-opted 9th July 2019)

Cllr. Harry Whitehurst

Address: 8 The Green, Tenby

No political affiliation | North Ward

(Co-opted 9th July 2019)

Primary Responsibility

The primary responsibilities of Tenby’s Town Council are as follows:

*Tenby New Cemetery and all associated Burial Records.

*The Augustus Place Community Centre

*The Jubilee Play Area and Skate Park

*Erection and maintenance of the town’s festive lighting displays

*Planning consultee (with all local plans available in the office for public reference)

*Supply of PCC food waste recycling bags; replacement food caddies (indoor and outdoor) replacement kerbside glass recycling boxes

* Supply of PCC trade waste sacks (trade waste customer must have already contacted PCC to arrange for payment prior to collection)

In addition:
*The Town Council (and in particular the Town Clerk and Assistant Administrator) provides a stepping stone to Pembrokeshire County Council and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and gives advice on who does what and how to access people.

* The Town Council is consulted on policing policy, schools policy and planning policy for the town.

*The Town Council acts on local matters involving highways, community transport schemes, parking and crime prevention in liaison with the various authorities.

*The Town Council supports and gives donations to local bodies and charitable organisations.

*The Town Council also has many other powers not covered by the above, such as making specific bye laws. All powers and actions carried out by the Town Council are governed by the Local Government Act, Public Health Acts and other Acts of Parliament.

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